Friends Meeting House

Friends Meeting House

Built in 1846 and used until 1860.

This Quaker meeting house replaced one built in approximately 1838. The roof is constructed of bark-covered log rafters with wooden pegs which hold the hand-hewn ridge beam and rafters in place. The building’s framework consists of hand-hewn oak posts and beams. The meetinghouse was divided into two large rooms. Elders and ministers sat opposite the entrance on a raised three-tiered gallery facing the congregation. In 1860, the meetinghouse was sold to Quakers, William and Sarah Roberts, who used the building as a residence. The Friedrich Dietrichs purchased the property in 1903. They raised potatoes and dairy cows and took their milk to the Detroit Creamery Cheese Factory at Seven Mile and Gill Roads. The last family to own the property prior to its acquisition by the city in 1962 were Lloyd and Annie Gullen, who purchased it in 1943. The building served as the city historical museum from 1975 to 1977. 

The Friends Meeting House was originally located on Seven Mile Road, west of Farmington Road, and moved in 1981.

This building is available for rental. For more information, please call the office at 248-477-7375.

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