North Barn

History books tell us that Joshua Simmons built the first frame barn on his property in 1829, while he still lived in the log cabin.  The original portion of the barn is one of the oldest in the state of Michigan.

The barn is a timber and frame construction in the Pennsylvania tradition which is two stories built on an embankment, leading to wagon doors.  The thrashing floor is in the center of the barn.  To the right are the stables that housed the horses, and above is the bay storage area.  To the left is the storage portion for hay and grain.

The lower level housed the cattle and a separate room is located in the southwest corner.  Note the pegged construction of the older portion of the barn where the timbers appear to be hand hewn or chipped and shaped with a broad axe.

The original roof was probably split cedar or basswood shake shingles which have since been replaced.  Note the foundation of field stone set in soft mortar of sand and lime.  Originally the cupola was a source of ventilation for the barn, however, since re-roofing, it is now just ornamental.